04 September 2008

Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party

Lately, the Alaskan independence Party has changed its tune that Sarah Palin was a member. For some reason, the leader of the party remembered her as a member, but now the records show that it was only her husband. This is despite comments by high ranking AIP members that Gov Palin was a member.

Why the change of tune?

Also, why would Gov. Palin make an introductory address for a convention to a party of which she was not a member? Why would she say she holds the same ideals?

This video is an edited version of the above which has more info on Gov. Palin's relationship to the Alaskan independence Party:

Of course, I see nothing wrong with Gov. Palin wanting to see the destruction of the Failed states of America, but I worry about what will take its place. Those who rebelled against the Crown over 200 years ago were like bratty children, but we have to live with their mistakes.

So, fess up Sarah, what are your connections to the AIP?