03 September 2008

I love Sarah Palin!

How can you not love someone who belonged to a political party that is dedicated to the destruction of the United States? Sarah was a member of the Alaska Independence Party in the 1990s, but I guess she decided to go more mainstream with the new Republican Party, which is working on making the Failed States of America a reality.

Not to mention she is the embodiment of the Bimbos for McCain caucus.

I also love her belief in family values and the advocacy of abstinance-based sex education. I know that oopses can happen in any family, but Sarah, you need to talk with your daughter about sex if you believe in abstinance-based sex education.

I mean isn't parental responsibility the real basis for abstinance-based sex education?

Another thing is that family values means you spend time with your family, not run around being mayor, governor, or vice president. You have a special needs child and a daughter with a bun in the oven, which shows you aren't being very good in the family values department.

Add in that it seems you cut funding for programs that help teenaged mothers. Now, Sarah dear, if you believe that a woman's place is barefoot and pregnant, you are being a real hypocrite here. What are you doing running for political office? I guess it comes from the confusion between women's two roles in the far right wing paradigm, which doesn't account for women being anything of substance.

No, this isn't left wing hypocracy, but right wing hypocracy as someone attempts to force her beliefs upon other women. Sarah can remain confused whether she is a virgin or a whore for all I care, but other women would like to have a choice, especially when it comes to their reproductive rights. Abstinance-based sex education does not work, even in families which claim to have "family values", such as the Palins. And you can't go around cutting benefits for teen moms if you're going to advocate policies that bring more unwanted children into this world.

Do you realise how much grief poor, uneducated teenage mothers can bring to society, Sarah?

You can have 100 children, but that is your choice: do NOT force your belief about reproductive freedom on others.

As Cecile Richards said "expecting women to vote for Sarah Palin is like expecting chickens to vote for Colonel Sanders". The working class males who supported Hillary Clinton may support Sarah Palin since she is a piece of ass, but that is really hoping that the citizens of the United States are thicker than pig shit.

I guess that the republican party is really hopeful that racism will scare off voters from Obama to John McCain.

That is if Sarah Palin survives scrutiny. She may be the governor of the Largest US State (not for long if she had her way), but size doesn't matter, Sarah. It's population, not geographic size. The Alaska National Guard has fewer soldiers than a large lower 48 city has police officers.

So, the American people should vote for a bimbo from a huge ass state with more moose than people.

As for you, Sarah, you can do whatever you will with your life, but don't force your values upon others: especially if it will cost society.

Give me a break!