06 September 2008

Tell us more Mrs. Palin!

From Time Magazine:

The Obama campaign has a lot less margin for error than Reagan did in 1984, and it knows that. So while it is quick to point out inaccuracies in Palin's record — her claim that she firmly opposed the so-called Bridge to Nowhere and other wasteful Washington earmarks — the campaign is primarily relying on the public and the media to press Palin. Answers may be a long time coming, though, if McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace is to be believed. She suggested on MSNBC Thursday that the media has been so unfair to Palin that it doesn't deserve a chance to interview her, and that all anyone will see of Palin will be her public speeches. The Obama campaign wasted little time in latching onto this: "I assume the American people are going to demand that she account for her own record and for John McCain's agenda," says David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager.

OK, if Mrs. Palin is so tough, let her explain her record.

Not to mention the fact that she is supposedly very abrasive. Any opposition is seen as personal, which has no place in politics. Sarah Palin is divisive, not inclusive.

Shark Food Sarah.