05 February 2010

Now, White Rabbit has me going...

with his latest post, upon which I expanding my comment here about needing to dig out that old post card with the caption "Un baiser de Bruxelles". Here it is!

(perfect for Euroskeptics)

Actually, I thought of an ex-girlfriend who was a French teacher when I bought it. She taught at a "Christian School", which was rather amusing since she was the least Christian person I knew (She even said I was more of a Christian than she was). Anyway, she clued me in on this little double entendre during our weekends when we acted like a couple of rabbits.

It seems baiser had a different meaning a la fin du siècle dernier (let's parler franglais: dixneufieme, not vingtieme). Although, the Euroskeptic connotation would involve either some form of the words merde or chier since the use of baiser is along the lines of 18th century writiers talking about "making love". Although, one remembers hordes of third and fourth form lads sniggering as they read Jane Austen when I was a schoolboy.

Anyway, google up "un baiser de carte postale" for all sorts of fun cartes postales.

One can only wonder what they were thinking. Although it does remind me of the Squeeze song "Pulling Mussels from the Shell".


white rabbit said...

'Ooh Matron!' to quote the late Kenneth Williams in character. It will be Donald McGill next.

Come to think of it...

wv: bandevie

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Carry on Carte Postales?