27 February 2010

More BBC Station closings

It seems that Radio 6 and The BBC Asian network are the two stations up for the axe. It really hit me that The BBC Asian network is getting the axe as a fan of the The BBC Asian network Chart Show. I'm sure a fair amount of tweets came from the announcement of the The BBC Asian network biting the dust.

The BBC Asian network is available online, which means that there is a larger audience than just the UK Desi crowd (and non-Desi fans of Asian music like me). Internet radio has ensured that the Beeb is a world broadcasting source. In fact, internet radio is really where the world service does most of its work. The Beeb no longer broadcasts directly to the US (or so I believe) since the Internet is a much better way to transmit. There are still transmissions to non connected areas, but the Internet is quickly replacing short wave radio broadcasts.

So, I am glad that the word is getting out about the The BBC Asian network's impending closure.

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