06 February 2010

Avoiding the Superbowl!

Mudflap Bubbas was curious about my comment:
I have literally traveled to the ends of the world to avoid the superbowl only to hear the results broadcast on foreign shortwave. I think I have managed to find a way to avoid it this year.
She asked: How did you manage to get away from all the Super Bowl stuff? I am really curious. Find a secluded cave that you need to share with some of us?

Ah, the joys of the new technology! In particular, the Joy of BBC iPlayer and the internet.

Find something such as Radio Nederland or some other world service (I can't comment on al-Jazerra, but they may be a good source of entertainment) and stay away form US media. Also, DVDs that don't feature the Superbowl. Although, my bliss was destroyed in 1986 when I was in Bonaire and the BBC World Service announced the Superbowl Score.

You can be safe by avoiding any mass media outlet and be your own source of entertainment for the weekend. But here are some suggestions for American Souls who don't want to watch the Superbowl:
al-Jazerra--It's the 31st Anniversay of the Islamic takeover in Iran, perhaps you will be treated to them burning football players in effigy
BBC iPlayer
ITV has a similar service to iPlayer where you can watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl and similar trash!
Channel 4 has 4oD: Channel 4 is a weird hybrid of the Beeb and ITV which means it can have gems such as Time Team along with crap such as Desperate Housewives.

Someone once said there were around 176 Time Team episodes out there, which means you could have a marathon watching them all on 4oD. Although, you may have dreams about Baldric having a cunning plan to dig up your back garden (Tony Robinson, aka Baldric from Black Adder, is the Time Team presenter).

It seems that PBS also has a Time Team.


mikeb302000 said...

I'm glad you're accepting comments now.

I really couldn't care less about the Superbowl. But, I'm afraid avoiding all mention of it will be about as easy as it was to avoid news of Michael Jackson's death and funeral.

microdot said...

I was forced against my will (literally) to play football in grade school and jr high in Michigan..I guess I enjoyed it to a point then I discovered sex drugs and rock and roll .
I have nothing against sport, the activities I engage in are passions, but I cannot watch football (the american robotic version). I find most team sports pretty babaric...Okay, so I live near Brive-la-Gaillarde so I have to show some interest in le foot...

Do you watch Al Jazeera english on satellite? I do and I find it a much more entertaining and informative service than BBC World and head over heels more pro than CNN.
They had the best coverage of the American presidential elections and their in depth reports from the heartland of America are pretty good documentation.
You definitely will see the news of the world that you will never see on BBC or CNN...they literally cover the world.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

@mikeb302000--I accept them, but am selective about what I publish.

@microdot--I watch al-Jazeera on the internet, which is how I usually get my media. I worked on the Turner-Time Warner merger and have a relation who is a cable franchise owner. I refuse to pay to watch ads on ads.

Also, there is Freeview for over the air viewing:

I think US reception is controlled by the broadcasters: meaning that they prefer for people to use Satellite or Cable with the future addition of Internet TV via FIOS.

Persoannly, I am very narrowcasted (if that's a word).