30 January 2008

Gun responsibilities

Maybe people should start pointing out that rights come with incumbent responsibilities: the right to own a firearm in particular. This is a device which can lead to serious bodily injury or death if misused. And, firearms are misused when they fall into the wrong hands.

I guess I am upset at the crowd who heckled the people protesting at the Virginia Capitol seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL7g8hbzQzw. even more so the Cops for failing to nail the RKBA crowd for brandishing. Let's face it, the RKBA crowd were carrying weapons to intimidate the protesters. When they couldn't do that, they had to taunt the protesters. Showing how weak the RKBA crowd really is.

It would have been funny as hell if the person with the Colt in his waist band had it pulled out and used against him. The idiot probably wouldn't have known what hit him until his brains went spattering out all over the crowd.

I would have loved to have handed out targets while wearing a SWAT uniform to them and said "put this on, because you are only asking for me to shoot you in an emergency situation."

Who do the RKBA crowd think they are fooling with packing heat will stop a school massacre? Don't they notice how the mass shootings happen in the places where gun laws are lax? Anyway, a police sniper who sees some idiot toting a handgun will give the idiot a .308 Darwin award. too bad the gun toter doesn't have any brains to splatter.

Besides handguns are crap for protection. Ever notice that people who professionally use firearms (e.g., the military) use LONG GUNS?. Yeah, that's 'cause a handgun doesn't have any real effective range to it. My L96A1 has the stupid civilian outgunned every time and I am not close enough to him to ask questions.

I see a civilian with a gun in a situation where he shouldn't be and he is a target.

Bye-Bye, Dumbo!

Now, if the NRA had been doing what they should have been doing and protecting sportsman's interests, rather than criminals and terrorists, we might have some sane gun laws. We might also have some places where we can shoot since development is quickly making open spaces a thing of the past.

So, as the NRA refuses to act responsibly as the body count piles up and the politicians can't say what the Second Amendment means, we see the havoc build.

Fortunately, the RKBA crowd is just a loud and weak minority. They really don't have the power attributed to them, but unfortunately the people who pretend to be leaders in this country don't have the guts to stand up to them.

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