09 March 2010

More proof that British anti-hunting laws are nonsense.

OK, we don't know the actual location of where this picture was taken, which means the premise of this post is a terrible assumption. But I can be busted for telling Laci "go get 'em, girl" when we're chasing squirrels in the park. Soooo....

Likewise, after seeing a fox wandering through a shopping mall at 17h00 (5PM) in what used to be the Duke of York's barracks in Chelsea (I knew they should have never opened up the place to the public) and being told: "Oh, that's nothing" while having a pint at my local, which is appropriately called the Fox and Hounds. It seems that there are an estimated 10,000 foxes roaming London as of 2006 with some being able to access the Prime Minister as the picture shows.  Trust me, the little buggers are everywhere including Oxford Circus tube stop.  Googling "London Foxes" will net you as many webpages as foxes.

Unfortunately, short of being the Royal Family (and they would probably be busted if they held fox hunts in Kensington-Hyde Park), we are screwed at chasing the little buggers.  You have to give a shout to the local council to "relocate" the beasts.  Also, the animal rights crowd can complain at riding through paved city scapes.  I know that Charles and Camilla like the sport: maybe they can be persuaded to start a city hunt.

I'm all for animals, but sometime they need to be culled: even if they remind me a bit of Laci.

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