25 June 2009


The oiks who think that Heller was properly decided didn't think out the implication of suddenly extending a right where it had not existed. In fact, firearms have been used as a wedge issue to avoid the problems we are now facing. But now we can use Heller's expanded reading of the Second Amendment to our advantage.

You see, if there is a right to life for the unborn and a right to a deadly weapon for self-defence there must surely be a right to health care, a home, and I would even add in a job. After all the economy is based upon debt (see one of my other posts), it is ridiculous to not have the ability to pay those debts.

We have had these clever lawyers out there making a change in how the law was interpreted by coming up with something not grounded in reality: which the current interpretation of the Second Amendment is. The Second Amendment has been used as a wedge issue to great effect.

Well, let's use our expanded Ninth Amendment rights to our advantage for issues that are important to people: health care, housing, and jobs. I mean if the Second Amendment can be expanded to allow for a right to deadly force, why can't the Ninth be used for the benefit of the people.

So, let's just expand our rights. Let's add baggage to the Constitution!