04 September 2009

Thinking about the past.

Even though my house is a little over than a mile from the capital building, 230 years ago (the time of the war for American Independence), this was farmland! Hard to believe since it seems like I have to drive for miles to get to the countryside these days. My house is a little over 160 years old.

What brought this on? I mean it shows up when I walk by the area known as "World's End", which at one time was pretty "far out".

They point this out in the film "Lost in Austen" where the protagonist, Amanda Price, tells the people in Jane Austen World that she is from Hammersmith. Needless to say, late 18th Century Hammersmith was a vastly different place from 21st Century Hammersmith!

I mean, if Chelsea was the sticks, just think about what it was like another couple of miles out the A4, which was then known as the Bath Road!

The thing is that most people don't realise how different the world was in the past. Late 18th Cnetury society was vastly different from 21st century society in a world of ways. It amazes me how people can misunderstand concepts from the 18th Century. But, then again, maybe it shouldn't.