08 February 2008

RKBA comments

The RKBA crowd takes over the discussion of the Second Amendment whenever possible. Their arguments are like weeds in a garden which are allowed to take over. Weeds of ignorance and illogic.

There have been RKBA people who wish to comment on this blog, but I don't allow it. I will not post their comments.

The Bill of Rights only protects you from government interference, not private. I am not a governmental body in this blog, so I can censor to my heart's content.

You have more than enough fora to post your bullshit. I don't really want to hear your opinions. Nor do I need to allow them to be published more than they are. So, I am under no obligation to post your nonsense.

As for my discussions of Heller. No, they are not a red herring. The precedent in Sandidge v. U. S., 520 A.2d 1057 (D.C. 1987) which was the law in The District of Columbia and followed the "Collective Right" interpretation. The Parker court admitted that it ignored the precedent of Sandidge.

Nowhere in the Second Amendment are the words "self-defence" written. And, until you can show me they are written there, which you cannot, the Second Amendment does not apply to self-defence. It does apply to membership in a militia organised under Article I, Section 8 and only in those circumstances.

Heller has no right to own a gun on his own property any more than I can have a meth lab on mine or sex with a child if the firearm is illegal, which they are under DC law. Private property does not allow for sovereignty to commit illegal acts.

Is that clear enough for you Mr. RKBA moron? Please do not come here with your fallacies and poor arguments.

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