01 May 2007

"Mission Accomplished"?????

It was four years ago that George Bush announced that the mission was accomplished in Iraq.

Sure, it doesn't seem that way to the vast majority of us, but I've been thinking about it.

The Iraqis don't really need democracy. And the US can't really expect to install it there anyway for a myriad of reasons. The US system is a republic, not a democracy for one. The other is that the US has a president who wasn't popularly elected (Well, I didn't vote for him). Anyway, the will of the people is thwarted by special interest groups, such a AIPAC and the NRA.

I mean is that a democracy?

AIPAC is the group which really wanted this war to try and relieve Israel and put a US base in the region to save Israel's sorry ass. I don't think there were many people who wanted this last war.

Well, maybe with the exception of the people who thought there REALLY were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that the mission was accomplished. This is the crowd that thinks having a gun in your home makes you safer despite much more scientific showings that you are more likely to harm a family member with your gun. You know "more guns, less crime."

Which brings us to the NRA, which tells us that it is freedom if everybody has a gun. Going on that Iraq was free under Saddam. But they are freer now since Saddam is gone and lord knows who is really running the show. I mean the daily body count.

As the NRA tells us: "It's the price of freedom!"

Which is why nothing gets done about firearms in this country and we have a long way to go until we are as free as Iraq. Hell, they top Virginia Tech everyday and everybody has a gun.

Never mind that most people in this country want firearms regulation, but that is blocked by a minority of gun toting [insert your choice of epithet here].

Now, isn't an armed minority holding the will of the people hostage tyranny?

I mean we are living in terror which is similar to Iraq. Of course, we are going to teach the Iraqis about democracy and the American system. But, how can we do that when the will of the people is thwarted by lord knows who.

So, does all that explain to you how Dubious could say "Mission Accomplished" on that battleship four years ago?

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